dBiz dual Multimode filter: Availability?

Hi All, first post here. I came across an image of a dual multimode filter from dBiz here. I looked/searched around the net and don’t see any further mention of it. So it’s not available?

It is in the dBiz module pack

Second row on the left

Get it here :


EDIT : No you are right this is a VCO not a filter, so no it is not available for Rack V1.


@gleesonalan welcome, that data base is out of date.

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Thanks. Pity, it has the exact features I am looking for. Morphing filter

It was avaliable tho in previous versions, some patches ive made with it, doesn’t run well because they miss that exact multimode filter. really hope it will come back


Hi, sorry if i’m not so present :wink:
anyway good news, soon I’ll release an update with ported dual filter and another experimental one ;)!