I know for VCV stand alone, VCV sets the DAZ and FRZ bits to enable efficient audio floating point. In the VST version, who does this? The host? VCV VST? The individual plugins? Just curious…

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In my experience, most DAWs will set the DAZ and FTZ flags, but there a few that don’t (I heard about one recently, but can’t remember… maybe ReNoise?).

In my plugins, I set the DAZ and FTZ flags (and equivalents for ARM CPUs) at the beginning of my plugin’s processing method, and at the end of the processing method, I set them back to whatever they were before (I don’t do this manually; JUCE’s ScopedDenormals class does it for me). I think a lot of plugins these days use a similar strategy, so I would guess that the Rack VST does as well.

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I’m guessing it does, too. Of course being closed source we don’t know. I remember that early on (0.6?) Rack only set one of the flags, but that was soon fixed.