Day of the Dead Vult Giveaway

No, it’s ok. Just tag me so I don’t miss it.

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(Video deleted and replaced - see Omri’s comment below) New Uploaded video further down the thread

Hi David! I’m sorry but I see that you’ve used the EQ on the mixer which is like using a filter eventually. Can you change it and record and new video?

My apologies. I didn’t even think of that as a filter. I will re-record it without.

Great, thank you!

Notwithstanding the offence of using EQ, the piece is not so bad. Well, it IS sound coming from the Vultari. :wink: :clap:

I found this pretty hard. I’ve been interested to see how others have tried to make drums but in the end i just didn’t bother. The thing here is that Boomstick is a great filter that I use often. It’s not one of my most used Vult modules (those would be Leakage, Trummor2 and Basal), but I use it a lot. It’s Polyphonic, it’s smooth. I like it. But Vultari I just find hard to work with. It’s not the noise it makes, I like that, it’s the lack of tunability. Anyway, enough complaining from me, here is my entry @Omri_Cohen:

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I found Vultari lent itself quite well in the horror-esque genre and decided to try my hand at creating something inspired by Stranger Thing’s upside down. Honed in on the idea of a tense scene in a science research facility in the upside down. With some gurgling noises to suggest some kind of organic oozing overgrowth. The bigger sound to suggest a giant beast they’re trying to hide from. I thought playing with the reverb’s size here and there gave it an interesting almost “growling” tone to it. Despite this being very difficult of a challenge, I had a lot of fun with it!!

@Omri_Cohen PatchSoundcloud - Stranger Vults


This is the second version of my entry for the Vult Giveaway. The first version was deleted because @Omri_Cohen rightly pointed out that Eq on a mixer is another form of filter - which I hadn’t realised - but said that I could re-record it…

EDIT: I have just realised that I used a drum module and that is a “sound source” so I have no choice but to disqualify myself. It is such an integral element of the piece so I couldn’t take it out - given time I could recreate some semblance of the rhythm with Vultari but I don’t have that time at the moment. Still. I enjoyed doing it and will leave it here in case anybody wants a listen.

Volere Volare (Learning to Fly)

Volere Volare.vcv (80.6 KB)

Hope you enjoy it.

If you listen on headphones this music may fry your brain and serve it up with hot chilli sauce - learning to fly isn’t easy

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Even without the EQ, it is still pretty good.

Just stumbled onto this thread. I also made an entry for the Vult DOTD contest. The contest limits you to using only Vultari as the sound source and Boomstick as the only filter. Knowing Vultari isn’t an accurate v/oct oscillator I at first tried to make Boomstick self oscillate. It wouldn’t cooperate so I created a Karplus-Strong circuit and pinged it with the Vultari signal. Yes, I know I used a quantizer into an atonal vco, but it really did sound better. lol


I’ve already sent email to Omri. So I just want to share my entry and thoughts on new modules with the community. It was really challenging. I wish we had more VCV Rack competitions like that. My favourite way to utilize Punk Console was by tuning first Osc to certain notes/scales and using second Osc as PWM or divider to jump octaves. I guess it works really cool with arpeggios. I’ll definitely use it in the future. As for Boomstick, I’m not sure what to say. Any information about Sallen-key filter didn’t help me to understand it deeper. It’s kind of rocket science. So I used it just like any other LP filter(

P.S. Patches by Marc Brule and Lucian C. are the best!

Sorry man, but yeah, Trummor is a sound source… Anyway, great patch!

Hey Omri ! As my previous entry patch had contain other filters than Boomstick( with no intention) I was motivated to make a remix of it, no other osc’s or filter than the rules said! Also Leonardo (Vult) accepted this second patch as my entry. Cheers!


Cheers! (I’m the guy behind the email :wink: )

Ok, so here’s a playlist of the entries for the Day of the Dead giveaway. There are 18 of them! Wow, crazy… Thanks so much for all who joined, you did great! I’m hoping to announce the winner on Monday so sit tight :slight_smile: And if you submitted a video but it’s not on the playlist, please let me know and I will fix it asap. Cheers!


Haha nicee!

Ok, guys, the Day of the Dead giveaway is over and we have a winner :slight_smile: Or perhaps winners? The Vult God has been generous and will give the top 5 a gift. The first place will receive all of the collections and the next 4 will be able to choose one collection of their choice :slight_smile: Thank you so much Leonardo Laguna Ruiz!!! And thank you all who participated and also my dear patrons who helped me choose. I will send an email to the winners asap. Here they are - 1st - And 4 more - Sergey Belyasnikov, Riszard jezierski, Jim Frye, Timothy Cary Have a great week everyone!