DAW (Reaper) and Impromptu Clocked bpm communication

I am using Rack 2 VSTi in Reaper and successfully linked the bpm using p24 mode on the Impromptu Clocked module. What im running into is when I repeat a section in reaper using the repeate time selection button, the impromptu bpm dips down a few bpm and returns to the correct setting on every repeate. This makes the DAW and the VCV plugin get out of sync the slightest bit on each repeat. Any one run into this? Or any help with a solution? Was maybe thinking of converting the p24 pulse to bpm voltage and using a sample and hold that is triggered on playback (or tempo changes if i have any.) Can any1 think of a more elegant solution?

Thx <3

In case any1 runs into the same thing… I was looping one measure of an odd time signature and it was probably truncating the p24 pulse on repeat. If i looped 2 measures the issue went away.