Dave Venom Music - Latest: My belated first foray into Orca's Heart

Thanks! - All fixed.

I was wondering why the video was not displaying properly on PatchStorage! Now I know.

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It’s a fun patch, great timbre from that pinged Wasp filter.

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:slight_smile: You can make a template in YT for uploaded videos, where you can prefill most of those annoying, pesky settings. Especially the “for kids” one can really trip you up.

I don’t get it - I fixed the embed option, and PatchStorage still displays a link instead of embedding the video. :frowning: I suppose there could be a delay before the change takes effect. Time will tell.

I already have a YouTube template setup with embedding enabled. I just had a brain fart when I went in to disable remixes, and mistakenly turned embed off.

Could be, or you could try and edit the PS post and see if it forces a refresh.

:grin: Happens to all of us…


The Rampage envelopes are also interesting. The surprising chatter on the tail of the envelope set to exponential shape works great for the snare. That envelope is shown in the scope. I imagine the chatter could be problematic in other contexts though.

Rampage is great!

Interesting. I don’t get those on my machine (macOS), seems like a bug.

Correction, NOW I get them, it’s only when “Range” is in the middle, otherwise no overshoots. Must be a bug.

I solved the problem. PS was caching how to handle the URL. I had to use a different URL. I did that via the YT share option, which I think appends user ID information to the URL.

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Bad design by PS…

Indeed it is a bug in Rampage v2.4.0, confirmed by Hemmer at Befaco Rampage hardware vs VCV virtual module - #14 by hemmer, with a v2.5.0 fix pre-release in the subsequent post.

Of course the Rampage bug fix breaks my snare sound in Rampaging Wasps. I’ve got a fix available for when Befaco 2.5.0 becomes available in the library. I used an extra Rampage along with some noise and a mixer to fix the snare.

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Don Cross’ recent fixed rack patch posts got me interested in experimenting with the Sapphire plugin again.

I thought this simple experiment using Frolic and Glee as both CV modulation and audio sources was interesting.


Another experiment with @cosinekitty’s Sapphire plugin, this time using Glee to drive all the melodic sequences, triggers, and modulations. The x, y, and z CV values are not used directly, but rather through a combination of comparators and logic units. Their are obvious distinct patterns that constantly shift, creating subtle variation - perfect for an ambient piece.


Love this tune Dave! Great patch, well done. This is my favorite kind of generative patch, it can just run for hours in a loop and feel satisfying and enjoyable.


Wow! Thanks Lars. I couldn’t ask for a better response.

I submitted both of these videos/patches to the recent VCV reddit community built in Challenge, where you were restricted to using only free VCV branded modules.

This first one is something I prepared more than 1 year ago, but never submitted anywhere. It stems from an experiment I ran to create a self panning note by using two slightly detuned sine waves. On the left I use both sine waves unmodified. In the right I invert one of the sine waves to make a cosine wave. The pairs on each side constantly go in and out of phase, causing alternating constructive / deconstructive interference. But because one side uses sine and the other cosine, the left and right alternate between which side is sounding at any given time, resulting in a panning effect. I then ran with the idea and created two virtual wind chimes of six notes each, a couple octaves apart. For the final submission I greatly simplified my patch by using some of the newer VCV modules that weren’t available when I first created it.

This 2nd patch is a reworking of one of my more complex patches that stemmed from my “Fundamental Constructs” project. The original used Valley Plateau and VCV Drums, both of which violated the challenge rules. So I substituted VCV Delay for the reverb, and built VCV Free module constructs for 2 toms, a rim shot, open and closed hi hat (with choke), a ride cymbal, and two crash symbals. I’m very happy with how the ride and crash cymbals turned out.


Really nice patch Dave!

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I see you are using a bitcoin mine to run rack! This patch is massive.

I just saw that scanner-darkly will soon be releasing a new version of Orca’s Heart plus friends.

I remember reading a number of posts speaking lovingly about Orca’s Heart when I first started my VCV Rack journey three years ago. But at that time I hardly knew anything about modular patching, and I was reluctant to try anything that I didn’t understand.

Well, after reading scanner-darkly’s post, I finally tried the original Orca’s Heart, and I really like it! I threw this simple patch together in no time, using just VCV and Venom modules, with Orca’s Heart providing all the sequencing and almost all the modulation. For those that don’t have VCV Pro, you can substitute Valley Plateau for the reverb easily enough. I didn’t spend any time trying to sync the scale change with the sequence, and decided to just post what I have anyway.

Orca’s Heart First Patch.vcv (3.2 KB)

I have so much more to explore with Orca’s Heart, yet now I am eager to try the new version!


lovely, thanks for posting it!