Data Sources

Everyone has thought about odd audio to sample.

What about other data as sources of modulation?

For example, I’m going to be asking if there’s any way I can get a raw file of my sleep apnea test I just did overnight, to see if there’s any way I can feed it into NYSTHI - NAGOL.

A module idea I had: “Space Music”. Take a reliable and well-established real time source of space radio noise, and make it available on an output.

Sadly I haven’t been able to find such a thing. If you ran a radio observatory, wouldn’t the first thing you did be to live-stream the output on the internet? Maybe this is why I’m not a scientist.


Hi there!
When I had my sleep apnea test taken I came up with the idea of taking the electrodes with me and attaching them to my head or body at home to see if I can get some modulation out of that :smiley:
Sadly I didn’t do it and can not tell you if this would work… I guess the electricity that is given off of them would have been too low anyway… but there you go: an idea! :slight_smile:

@Richie If there’s any way to convert it to .csv, you can use @synthi 's 20NAGOL to play it back within VCV… That being said, given that the stuff we’re getting in may only be “pure noise” , I can understand how money (or a lack thereof) could contribute greatly to a decision not to stream.

Another (less spacey) option might be to try getting into SDR?

@Schabbes sadly, my test was purely based on one of these bloody annoying things… Nothing like turning over and your rib cage laying on that breathing effort thingamabob to make you stop breathing for a second…

ah… ok… well next you will probably be sent somewhere where they attach some electrodes to you… but they’re probably not very useful on their own… I don’t know how much voltage is given off by them and it would probably need sensitive and filtered amplifiers… I see there are EEGs for home use which can be bought, but it’s probably advisable to just use some random LFO :slight_smile:

@Schabbes :shrug: who knows? The rheumatologist thinks my fatigue is due to sleep apnea, I think it’s Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (I also deal with Fibromyalgia, and other wonderous maladies).

f**k sh*t… me too… I only got the fatigue luckily… strange phenomenon… but I developed some heavy apnea on the side, because why not? :slight_smile:

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Plenty of sampling opportunities here:

A little taster:

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That is a lot of fun! (I had stuff to do this evening. :slight_smile: ) It loses a couple of awesomeness points for not being FROM SPACE, but it would be a fine source of randomness, for either modulation or audio.

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