DanTModules v1.2.2 Release [New Module: 5Splice]

The next version of my plugin has just been released v1.2.0


This version introduces a new module 5Splice which is what I call a window mixer.

You give it up to 5 inputs and a trigger, each trigger will shift the window to the next input.

There is a slew to ensure there are no clicks when shifting inputs, and it also outputs a signal based on the current input that is passing through the window.

It’s a simple concept, but something that I have been having a lot of fun with, check out these two demo posts on Instagram for just a little taste




New insta demo video up, this one shows blending 3 different LFOs with a 1 second slew



Update: v1.2.1 adds new modes to 5Splice


Insta demo of random mode

I have now updated the manual for 5Splice as well

Even though I actually just added unit tests for v1.2 a sneaky bug still found its way into the code… :frowning:

If you are using 5Splice in Ping-Pong mode and do not have channel A or E connected, it is most likely VCV will hang or crash due to some run away code.

My sincere apologies if you have experienced a crash or hang due to using my plugin.

A new version v1.2.2 has just been pushed which should fix this issue

I knew those do..while loops were going to get me in trouble

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Just a quick note to say that I have finally gotten around to updating the manual for v1.2.2 which includes documentation for the TMNT module