DanTModules v1.0.4 Update

Phew, managed to code up a new release, quite enjoying myself actually :nerd_face:

This new version adds a bunch of module options for audio quality, details in the changelog and updated manual

A special thank you to @Squinky for answering my silly questions and advising me on anti-aliasing

I’ll be adding some demo videos of the new features to my instagram soonish



Nice work. And it’s only silly people who don’t ask questions when they don’t know something.

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Whoopsie, introduced a bug in that last version. Version 1.0.3 has just been published to correct it, sorry if anyone experienced a broken module

I have published an updated manual with new illustrations of some of the features

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I will update this reply with the new demo videos as I create them:

Another little update has been published Changelog

I have added LEDs for Clip & Amp

I have re-scaled the Amp CV input to +-5 volts (previously it was 10 volts, which meant that most of the time the output was quite low)

Finally, I have added a little CLIP label to the panel, does this look bad? Should I remove this label, or keep it?

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