DanTModules V1.0.0 Release [WAVULIKE]

Hi Everyone,

I am DanT and my first VCV Rack plugin has just been added to the Library.


This version includes one module, the WAVULIKE, which is an oscillator that creates a waveform based on 1 to 6 CV controllable points.

I hope you enjoy it.

You can check out the manual here.

I would love to hear any comments or feedback, I can’t promise quick turnarounds on anything because my day job takes up most of my time, but I do want to fix any bugs that might be discovered.

I have posted a few examples of the WAVULIKE on my instagram if you are interested in what the module can do, but this is just scratching the surface really, can’t wait to see what other folks can produce with it.


Thanks DanT for creating this modules, I will give it a run and see what great sounds I can get from it.

a warm welcome to the VCV community.

this is a very great first post :+1:

I’ll try WAVULIKE asap and report then

thanks for sharing it

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Hi Dan, and welcome! What an interesting module.

Will definitely be checking this one out!

I tested it and it sounds really good, but unfortunately I can’t get rid of clicks/clipping sounds when I modulate the points.

I’ve set up a simple patch for testing and I used a s&h module in the range of -5/5V to modulate the points, but still they clip. Is there a way to avoid this?

here is the patch for testing:

2020-12-06-testing_WAVULIKE_001.vcv (73.9 KB)

Hi Dan, Spent some time earlier with your module. Such lovely character it has. Just feeding it some random modulation made it an ever evolving voice. Very cool.


Sorry Stephan, I cant run your patch because I am missing a module:


But I would imagine the clicks are due to the CV controlling the Points value making abrupt changes. This creates a hard transient in the waveform, which sounds like a click at low frequency, like a slow square LFO.

You could try introducing a slew generator just before the control point input to smooth out the abrupt changes and this should remove the clicks.

thanks for the reply, a slew limiter helps,

I can upload a version of the patch without the stoermelder plugin, this is an old version of the browser module from him, I forgot to delete it from my plugins, sorry.

Now the WAVULIKE sounds really nice !

Oh good, glad its not a bug.

I could build a slew control into the module, but there isnt really space for another knob, I feel I would have to redesign the whole panel. And then that would break any existing patches.

I suppose an alternative would be to build a companion module that could provide 6 slewed modulation sources for the points. Something for me to consider. Although I was also thinking I could make the sliders and knobs attenuvertors when the inputs are connected, would that be helpful?

imho the best would be an expander module with the slew generators for all the modulations. if we have just attenuvertors that won’t help with sudden parameter changes, or how should they work?

Indeed, i didnt mean to imply the attenuvertors could help with the clicking issue.

Just that I need to carefully plan what i intend to work on with my plugin, otherwise it would be quite easy for me to get stuck half way down a coding rabbit hole and never release an update.

I feel that simply creating a companion or expander module for slew is maybe not ambitious enough, there are already modules that provide this function. I’d like to aim at modules in my plugin being either unique or providing some sort of function or combination of functions that hasnt been done before.

But, at the same time, if there is interest in a particular feature or modification to one of my modules, then that might be worth a higher priority in terms of my dev todo list.

I mention the attenuvertor behaviour because its something i was already considering as a first update to the module. The sliders and knobs would no longer have crazy motion if you feed in fast modulation sources (which is something i enjoy about the module), but overall i think it might make the module more usable. Rather than having an additional module to attenuvert the modulation sources, you can do it direct in the module, and also vary at runtime for performance value.

We have a module called Slade that is 8 lag modules - might help. We also build it into all out modules that “need” it, like the mixers, and the chebyshev vco. Is it possible that changing the “points” on this this changes the DC offset? DC offset on a VCO output is sort of a formula for how to make pops and clicks. And esp DC offset that changes when you change the CV.

Interesting, thanks Squinky.

I didnt think of that, but potentially I could add a very small slew just to the WAVULIKE output to act as a filter for clicks, not sure if this would change the character of the sound though. Possibly I could implement it with a threshold so that it only activates when the point value change is large enough.

I dont think an output offset is the issue, except in the single point mode, but then in single point mode the output is a static voltage set by the point value, so thats kinda the point. Unless I am misunderstanding what you mean by DC offset.

I will download this plugin and try out. Then perhaps my I can make comments that are more sensible.