DanTModules TMNT manual understandable?

I received a message from a VCV Rack user requesting a a better explanation of my TMNT module, as they found the current manual difficult to understand.

Personally I detest writing documentation, but I hate undocumented software even more, so I try to produce at least a basic manual to explain what everything is.

I found this particular module quite tricky to write documentation for, I obviously understand it implicitly due to designing and coding it, but it is also fairly complex and I could understand anyone being daunted by the look of it. But I am not really sure how to improve the manual.

I would absolutely be open to any documentation pull requests, or suggestions on ways to improve the manual (anything quick or easy I can do right away, but creating an annotated image for example if a bit large of a task for me to dedicate time to currently).

I can also try to answer any specific questions on the module, either here or as issues on the manual, these could then serve as part of the manual as well.

The message did also suggest asking @Omri_Cohen if there would be any possibility of a tutorial video, so I’ll just throw it out there on the off chance… :wink:

Well, if not versed in modular the manual might be too terse in a way, no specific suggestions, but some imagery (most people are visual more than textual) might go a long way to connect the terse info to what knob/input/control/button etc…

Just pushed an update with an annotated image, hopefully some of you will find this helpful


Pleased to announce that new TMNT documentation is now available on the DanTModules Manual

If you found the current manual difficult, then please take a look, and a big thanks to the hard work from @Worker_13