Danger Plucks

danger plucks resources.zip (35.0 KB)

Danger Plucks is a patch that I was experimenting with with NYSTHI and MSM’s TVCF modules. I was trying to go for that random pluck & pitched vibe.


nice! (and yr machine must be a beast running 2x Seven Seas)

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Thanks but my machine in not that powerful. I minimize the screen to get extra cpu for realtime performance.



I was wondering why your recent videos were so… slim :slight_smile: And now I have the explanation, and I guess it really helps, huh?

nice little swing there too!

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Yes. I am using my job’s laptop. I manage a university media library and I.T. is cheap with the processors.

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PS, that moment you realize that you’re tired… you find yourself frustrated because you can’t get the screen to move with your mouse. Then you remember that it’s someone else’s screen- and a video of that… :rofl:


:rofl: :rofl: LOL, been there done that