Dan Friedman's Rack Stuff

I’m having too much fun not to share!

This is going to be a place for material generation, rough sketches and working ideas out. Feedback/comments/input always welcome!


  • Experimental music, “beep boop” music and old tape music that makes my mind spin in enjoyable ways.
  • Music that goes on for a long time, in which “not much happens,” leaving room for lots to happen, including:
    • Bent minimalism
    • Dub/minimal/click’n’cut techno
    • Ambient music
    • Lounge music
    • Trance inducing music from various cultures
  • Boring formless nonsense.”

More about me.


  1. Take something I like.
  2. Slow it way down, blow it way up and/or get in real close.
  3. Find a crevasse inside it and fall in, exploring for hours.

longsawm-exp.vcv (16.1 KB)



Wow, you’d love my work! Boredom and lack of form are guaranteed!


Ah, yes but is it “boring boredom” or “unboring boredom”? Only the quality stuff for me… :wink:

Scurries off to check out your channel…


Infinite Bass

Using a technique I saw on a recent @Omri_Cohen video, I took his example #3 and stretched it out into an indefinitely long, constantly varying 909 part.

I want to keep refining it for more control over the complexity of the fills and so on, but even in this raw state, I like that I can listen to it for a long time without getting bored.

OC-inspired-infinite-909.vcv (33.2 KB)


Some loping, low-frequency noise driven counterpoint at the intersection of Squinky Labs and Frozen Wasteland. Still need to refine this more, but I’m having too much fun not to share a tidbit.

LFN-Turing-Quantussy.vcv (36.1 KB)


ETA: Many thanks to the folks on this thread, for helping me figure out how to switch between modulation sources randomly; I’m using rchoices uchoice to switch back and forth between quantized and unquantized voltage for the “melodic” VCO voice, so it flips back and forth between being in tune and out. I’m also loving how I can use @Squinky LFN as kind of a smashed-up clock. So much more to explore here!

Looking good, but the audio files are empty, can be?

Audio files work here, it takes a little for them to start streaming. Or they have some silence at the beginning.

Thanks @Omri_Cohen @Eurikon for the feedback, and apologies for my sloppy editing.

I’ve redone the uploads with more attention to removing extra silence at the beginning, and a bit more VBR compression to reduce browser load/startup time (hopefully not at the expense of too much sound quality).


The “play” button looks disabled on all the uploads on Chrome. It looks enabled but it doesn’t play on Firefox and Tor Browser. But if I right-click and copy the “audio address”, the mp3 files play immediately, no issues.


Not sure if there’s some issue going on with the embedding here or if these are just local / user-specific problems…

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Yup, that looks like a Chrome/Firefox or Discord problem. I can reproduce the disabled “play” buttons, but in Safari they’re fine.

And here I was, thinking I’d make things simpler by just providing mp3 links :wink:

ETA: thanks to the folks on this thread for helping me fix this issue (see below); I’m putting the one-boxes back.

Ah, the joys of the Web, where we get hassled in 2020 by the same browser incompatibility problems we’ve been fighting since 1996…

I feel your frustration Dan, I have similar takes on Soundcloud and Youtube. This said, I’m puzzled about your problem - AFAIK mp3 files used to play without issues here in the past, and btw I tried again with Firefox and now they play fine. Still no luck with Chrome. I’d like this work…

Not sure if these hosting sites can help, nor if their policies are decent: https://streamable.com/, https://gofile.io/, https://filebin.net/

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Firefox 82.0.2 (64-bit) here, buttons work fine here on my side.


There are two problems with these audio links.

Some are http links which Chrome won’t play here on community.vcvrack.com because it’s served over https. Chrome won’t load insecure content into a secure page.

Some are https links, but the certificate for boywithmachine.net wasn’t issued by a trusted certificate authority, so again Chrome considers them insecure and won’t play them.


Awesome, thanks for the clarification!

Cert problems are a Thing I can Fix, now that I know that’s the issue…

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Thanks @Richie!

(I was amused to find that quote on http://boywithmachine.net since this is all about machines being driven by other machines, with all the necessary couplings and connections)

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Fixed! Embarrassingly, this (cert management) is part of what I do for a living, but “the cobbler’s children go barefoot,” as they say. Thanks again @Richie for the pointer.

I’ve checked Chrome and Safari on Mac and both work; presumably, @mixer @Eurikon should now see working one-box players for the mp3s.

Thanks for all the input!


Glad you are enjoying LFN. It’s a very simple module, but kind of unique.


Yeah, it’s kind of my new best friend. I keep finding new uses for it that would usually take me several modules to pull off, or be otherwise difficult or inconvenient.

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Rootless Halloween

A somewhat unsettled jam, courtesy of Squinky Labs Substitute’s wicked 5-limit just intonation mode, a boatload of LFN’s (they’re just so dang useful), and some other pals.

Note to self: this reminds me of all the just intonation theory I have sitting in the back of my head from university. This module’s “subharmonics” are like Partchian Utonalitites, which means if I can quantize the Walk’s output to within a just “scale”, the whole thing will move inside a just harmonic “space.” Might be time to try and wrestle with Frozen Wasteland’s Math Nerd unit or Grande QuantIntervals and see if either of them can help.

halloween.vcv (24.4 KB)


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