Dag2099's music video and streaming thread

We’ll see how things go with the whole “one topic per member” thing. I’ll keep all my recent stuff here unless there’s a vast backlash. Firstly I’ve been doing a series of pieces based on JW Noteseq using the “rotate” function sort of like patterns are used but with certain, obvious and inherent, limitations. The point being to work around those limits.

I have another of these that I’ll upload later today. The other thing is the start of a series called “Patches: month” where I go through all the patches I made on stream in that month. While the idea is to review what I’ve done with VCV in the last month without having to download a lot of VODs and edit them, I’ve started this with my first month of streaming VCVRack last year:

Okay, updates will be in this thread from now on. Thanks for your attention.


As promised, here is the newest Rotating Box video:

If you want me to do an hour long version so you can just sit there and float away just ask.

So, here is Rotating Box 5:

Two rotating boxes? Yes.
Slightly different bpm? Yes.
Sweet cavalcade of loveliness? You be the judge.


Nice stuff, keep it up! i especially liked the last one.

Two questions, How have you changed the background and may i have a link to your stream?

I recorded this with OBS and used the color key filter to remove the backdrop. Underneath is an image file. My favourite version of this technique (also featuring semi transparent spots layered in front of VCVrack) is this stream (you need to skip a few minutes in):

On the subject of my stream:

I only stream about an hour a day but i try to do it every day.
thx for your interest and kind words.

Mad! Didn’t know there was chroma key in OBS, i asked because i’m looking to start a stream at some point soon. Thanks for the tip! I’ll follow you on twitch.

Started this new one on stream last night and then decided to record it. It’s just a small and, hopefully, funky thing.

Yes it is spelt “rrando”.


Here I present a new stream highlights video:

Most of the patches I made last month in one video. If you want more of a particular patch then just ask here or in the Youtube comments.
Also, some feedback (positive or negative) would be appreciated.

While making the above stream highlights video I decided that there were a few patches that deserved a little more attention. This one is all about the “phasing”.

Yes the rhythm is meant to be like that. Feedback will be appreciated and (hopefully) learnt from.

New stream highlights video:

Feedback is much appreciated.
I’ll put timestamps in later.


Nice phasing effect there!

Although an interesting experiment, I think phasing is best done descreetly or it quickly becomes hard to appreciate its subtle and beautiful effects.

I know what you mean but my natural tendencies are not exactly towards subtlety and beauty. I still think my best use of phasing is the first video I put up:

i really enjoy this fm synthesis, mashing 2 sounds together thing.

Hehe, and thankfully that’s allowed and equally valid. Tastes differ but the joy of music prevails :hugs:

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Another excersice in phasing. I think i might need to redo this because i want to phase filters rather than notes but I ended up doing both.


Hopping on the Interzone bandwagon. It’s great but i think that Amalgam might get more use in the long run.

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Still trying to get the hang of larger structures.

This is more of a prototype for an approach but i think it sounds okay.

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Here’s the latest (and, for the moment, last) of the “rotating box” series. I think it came out a little bit too “elevator music” for my liking but it’s okay. It needs more “spice” but I still don’t know enough about structuring a piece to know what condiment to add. Also the top line synth is too loud.


I like it, it’s an inspiring pre-demo :slight_smile: I don’t think you can learn or be taught ‘the spice’ mate, it comes through from your influences and all sorts of other things. Just keep battering away at it and trying new stuff, sample, remix… change environment, change your formula ,listen to new stuff.

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Nice experiment! And those two new Valley modules seem nice…