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Kudos. Are you listening a lot to Caterina Barbieri? Cause I’m reminded…


Just to alienate everyone even more here is an “experimental” (i.e. unlistenable but surprisingly predictable) piece based around using P2V and FM synthesis. Heed the thumbnail:

I’ve been working on something a little more listenable which will be along tomorrow.
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Some of this sounds like material Stockhausen could have used. For a Stockhausen style piece,

In my opinion, the main challenge with this kind of music is to organize it in such a way that it is intuitively understandable for the human brain and communicates a “message” to the listener (i.e. something the humain brain can interpret sucessfully). In the case of Stockhausen, often explanations are needed so that the attention of the listener is guided, which -again in my opinion- goes against the idea of music being a universal language.

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As promised here is some ambient stuff. I don’t know how to get rid of the pops.

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Thanks for the links. I’m relatively niave about electronic music so it’s useful stuff. I did space out a little bit during the first half of the lecture you linked though. I may have to watch it again.

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More elevator style music:

I can’t tell if I’m getting better at the music but the logo is one of my worst.
Edit: I was so appalled by my last thumbnail that i redid it. now I feel better


A phasing patch from last year:

Why is it called “Dexoverstop”? Well, uh, that’s an excellent question. I really have no idea. Thanks for bringing it up.


Another piece. Started out trying to get the hang of Audible Resonator. I’m still not sure I get what the “strum” input actually does but I’m also not sure I care.
This piece is a little more abstract than my other more recent stuff. I think the way I’m developing pieces recently (like in the last couple of weeks) is workable but not perfect. I start adding sound sources until I like what I’ve got and then use ASAF-8 and Gate-Seq-64 to control what’s actually playing at any given time. At this point I’m going, predominantly, by feel as to what I bring in and out but I’d like to have a more considered approach.
Enjoy (hopefully):

(Lars Bjerregaard) #29

The strum input is for strumming (hitting) the (virtual) string of the resonator, which is it’s main use, I believe. Try this: A slow trigger or gate into the strum input, no input to the “in” port, play around with the knobs.


Thanks. What I didn’t realize is that strum only works in certain modes. It relates to your polyphony settings, so when I plugged something into it and it did nothing I just didn’t think it worked. This is why we RTFM.


Finally managed to get another Patches video done. This one is most of my patches streamed during September of 2018.

If you want me to do more with a particular patch then just put the timecode for it below and I’ll see what I can do.
I also did a vcp-26 entry:

and a small example to illustrate pitch stacking:
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(Lars Bjerregaard) #32

That’s great dag!


70’s sounding synth ambient pop (or something):

Somewhere in the process of getting it recorded the main synths don’t sound as good. Annoying.

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(Lars Bjerregaard) #34

That’s very nice dag, I like it.

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I’m doing these nightly ASMR streams on my Twitch channel and a couple of nights ago I came up with this:

Please excuse the pretentious name. Also, here is my entry for vcp-27:

Suggestions, feedback and boundless praise are all accepted. (As are Subscriptions on Youtube).

(Adi Quinn) #36

Liking this Amiable one a lot. its super chill and does all kinds of interesting things, nice work!

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I decided a while ago that doing stream highlights videos was a tremendous amount of work for relatively little gain. So instead of that I do these “Patches” videos where I just go through most of the patches that I constructed in a given month. This one is from February of this year. The weird video corruption at the beginning is deliberate:

Feedback, subscriptions, follows (on twitch.tv/dag2099) and fatuous breakdancing are all appreciated.


It’s starting to get a bit compulsive, this need to share rack. Here’s my latest journey into phasing:

As ever feedback, subscriptions , Twitch follows and “Jig Jams” are welcome.
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(Lars Bjerregaard) #39

Nice experiments Dag

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Some recent vids:
VCP-28 vids:

Messing with delays: