CVLY sequencers in VCV Rack (Review | Tutorial)


Interesting sequencers Artem, thanks!

Not come across these sequencers, are they in the library or external to buy? Thanks for showing them. Any idea when they are released?

In the video he says, those were sent to him in advance, they‘ll be in the library hopefully soon - and I think, he said for free…

Cheers, dDom

Thanks, I missed that bit, me hearings going!

You can catch builds here

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Thank you Artem, much appreciated.

Thank you Ewen, Artem as already built them on his Patreon.

Not for linux.

Do you need the Linux build? I can give you one.

No thank you.

Hey all, I’m the developer for these modules, and they should be available in the library soon, along with some new modules I’m currently working on. Thanks Artem for the video again!


thanks Benja, modules and especially UI are pretty awesome!