cvly modules announcements 🐋

Hi all! I’m the developer for cvly, and my first modules were just added to the Library!

They are:

  • ntrvlc: Four 8-step sequencer with individual clock inputs, an incorporated equi-likely quantizer, and an option to stack each sequence on top of the last one. It also has an expander with trigger otuputs for each sequence and further configuration for the stacking option.

  • stpr: An 8-step sequencer, where each step can be turned on/off individually via a trigger input.

Any feedback, comment, or idea is more than welcome! :whale2:


Can’t wait to try ntrvlc! Thanks so much for your work :alien: :vulcan_salute:

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Hi Benja, your modules are very nice and interesting,
imho a great addition to the library.
Thank you for these …
I hope you had fun composing them
and I wish you more fun making more modules :wink:

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Excellent news. Ntrvlc is a fun sequencer, and I just saw that there are new features added, so I’ll have to have another go on it soon.

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These look like fun, thank you very much!

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Hello people!

Just dropping by to introduce three new cvly modules:

  • crcl: Multi-mode module based on the circle of fifths (actually introduced in previous version, but I didn’t make an announcement).
  • bss: Utility module that generates a bass note for an incoming poly input, using one of three modes (“harmonic”, “lowest” and “random”)
  • spc: Utility module that spreads the notes for an incoming poly input, with a settable minimum interval distance.

Thanks for all the positive responses to the first modules, and once again, any feedback, comment, or idea is more than welcome!!!


Thank you! These are fantastic… sorry, I can’t type more, too busy patching :grinning:

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Let the patch do the talking!

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Wow. Bss is something I’ve asked a couple of developers for. That’s excellent!

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Hey glad to hear that! It’s by no means perfect, but let me know how it works, I’m open to suggestions

hello guys. The modules are pure fire but with the new spc as soon as I connect something at the INPUT vcv rack crash. Tested on Mac. Big Sur latest update.

I insert a poly CV in the input and it crashes.

Anyone else?

That’s strange. I don’t have a Mac to test it, would you mind sending me the log so I can hopefully find the issue, thanks!

I experiencing the same problem on BSS and SPC. I’m on High Sierra (10.13.6).

I built from source and everything works great now. Bad mac build???


I actually fixed the issue earlier today and pushed it to source, and just opened the ticket to update the Library version :wink:


I saw updates modules. tried delete and reinstall the library but still got same crash. Is it correct @lyqst ?

Latest version (1.0.4) is not yet available on the VCV Rack Library, it’s still on 1.0.3, I’ve created the ticket for the update to be included in the Library, we just have to wait now.

Thanks for the info. I just hope that we don’t have to wait too much​:joy::joy::joy:

Yeah I’m getting that on OS Catalina.

Oh I’ll try the update.

Fix is live in the library!