Custom modules' not showing up

I followed the Plugin Development Tutorial to make my custom module. And I moved the built stuff to plugin-v1 folder as the make install command did. But I can’t find my module showing up in Rack Manager. Also no info in the log.txt file. Anyone can help?

You might have something wrong with your plugin.cpp, if you don’t add the right model there from your plugin.json you get the “silent treatment” without errors or modules showing up.

If possible it would be better if you could share your source as the screenshot gives little insight into what’s going on.


In these situations the rack log file most of the time gives me the right clue . So might also be helpful to post it here.

I’ve had this issue numerous times, here’s some things to check:

  • Make sure you have added the model in Plugin.cpp( p->addModel(xxxx) )
  • Make sure you have declared the model in Plugin.hpp( extern Model* xxxx; )
  • Make sure the slug name in the module code matches the one in the plugin json
  • Make sure the panel filename in the res folder matches the slug name of the module.

I would also suggest using a different name for the plugin slug and the module slug.

You accidently swapped “.cpp” with “.hpp” in your list.

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Oh yes it works. somehow I changed a module’s slug name and didn’t match with the global settings.

I followed the demo using the exactly same name for modules and it works. Think it was my mismatch for some variables or something. Thanks a lot