Current SDK

I’ve confused myself.

Which is the current SDK I need to build plugins for 2.0.1?

I believe its Rack-SDK-2.0.0…


May as well re-use this thread.

I’m still confused.

Rack2Free 2.0.1 reports 1590 modules. I built rack 2.0.1 from source, running that only reports 648 modules, prompts me to update a couple of dozen plugins so I hit update all, restart rack, which still reports 648 modules and prompts me to update the others again.

I’m sure this is something stupid on my part, I think I may’ve worked too hard on this today.

Any insights welcome.


From the log:

Could not load plugin /home/ewen/.Rack2/plugins/HetrickCV: Failed to load library /home/ewen/.Rack2/plugins/HetrickCV/ /home/ewen/.Rack2/plugins/HetrickCV/ undefined symbol: _ZSt28__throw_bad_array_new_lengthv

All the plugins that fail to load report the same.

@cschol could this be a build toolchain issue, or is just SDK versionitis?

I guess it’s to do with my build as the 2.0.1 official binary loads all 1590 modules.

The Rack SDK did NOT change for 2.0.1. The latest version is the 2.0.0 SDK.


The problem here is that the plugins, which are distributed by the Plugin Manager, are compiled with gcc 11.2 and your Rack version is not. To use plugins distributed by the Plugin Manager with a Rack development version (compiled from source), you have to compile Rack with a version 11.2+ of gcc. Otherwise you might encounter the above error and plugins will fail to load. This is a known issue of backwards compatibility with gcc 11+.

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Alternatively you can build rack yourself, then build the plugins against that rack. that’s what I do for development.

Thanks. I’ll have another go tomorrow with gcc 11.2.

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