(Not sure if this plugin has been mentioned in the forum before, so please delete / merge this post if it has. I’m not affiliated with it, just sharing for info as I find it a fun module to mess with.)

CTAG TBD is based on Instruments of Things TBD Eurorack / AE Modular Tangible Waves module.

It’s a multifunction DSP module. It is available for Rack v2 but you have to compile it yourself from the repo, or at least I couldn’t find it in the library:

Go into the ctag-tbd/tbd4vcv at master · ctag-fh-kiel/ctag-tbd · GitHub directory for the instructions on how to build it for v2.

You’ll need to have the Rack SDK set up on your computer as mentioned in the manual: VCV Manual - Building, and make sure you do git clone --recursive https://github.com/ctag-fh-kiel/ctag-tbd.git when you clone the repo so that it also gets all the supporting code.

You might also need to check you have the boost library installed as well (lots of work this, eh? :slight_smile:). On a Mac with Homebrew that’s just brew install boost. Sorry don’t know how to do that on other OSs.

Anyhoo. Once installed you can change and edit the DSP modules it uses via a local web app at localhost:3000.

Might be too much hassle for some to set up, but the DSP effects in it are fun I think, and having a local web app to use for editing parameters is interesting (and maybe a way to make some modules more accessible?).