Cross-fader mix control assumptions

Hi there - I’m working on a simple cross-fader (as module component, not a module itself) that will sum two signals A and B. It’s controlled by a “Mix” knob parameter with range -1..1 that works like this:

-1 --> 100% A    0% B
 0 --> 100% A  100% B
 1 -->   0% A  100% B

This works for my use case where the default centre knob position 0 should sum A and B at full power. I’d like to offset the knob parameter with a CV input, but need to check my assumptions first. The assumptions are:

  1. A ±5V input range makes sense for the CV input since the knob parameter value is bipolar
  2. Based on the above, something like clamp(knob + cv / 5, -1, 1) would be a good way to combine the two control values

I’d like for the combined “Mix” control to work in the least surprising way, so if you see anything wrong with this approach I’d love to hear about it. Thanks for reading!