Creating rack modules with Qt Creator in Win 10 - this is how I did it

Just in case this is interesting for someone else or I forget it, here is how I configured my system:

  1. Install msys64
  2. If you experience the ‘invalid crypto engine’ problem, have a look here: MSYS2 + win7: 'invalid crypto engine'
  3. Make msys64 install the necessary packages as described in
  4. Assuming that your msys64 installation is in C:\msys64, add the two entries C:\msys64\usr\bin and C:\msys64\mingw64\bin to the path system variable. In can be found here:
  5. Install Qt Creator (
  6. Import a plugin as a new Qt project, using File->New File or Project…->Import Project->Import existing Project
  7. To the created *.includes file, add …/…/include (VCV Rack includes) and C:\msys64\mingw64\include\c++\9.2.0 (C++ standard stuff)
  8. Deactivate ClangCodeModel in Help->Plugins…->C++ to get rid of useless warnings
  9. Make sure you use the mingw build kit, see

For future reference, here is my kit configuration:

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