create your own modules?

I’m really into vcv music but I’m more into developing software, does anyone know how these modules are made?

(You always need a plugin, even if it would contain just 1 module for Rack.)

Yes, there are many module makers here (like me). It’s documented pretty well in the VCV manual. It’s not very difficult.


Hasn’t that Hora thing been abandoned? It sounded pretty cool, if ambitious, when it came out, but I think he said it’s no longer being developed. It looks like the readme was updated a little over a year ago, but everything else hasn’t been touched in 2 years?

I have not news of is abandoned , the last commit was 14 moth ago , also there is another one dev (njazz)

I use it a lot and is pretty fun an very well done

I hope not, since is pretty nice software, lets ask to @Raph