Create a blank panel?

Hi, new to VCV Rack and would like to create my own blank panel. Does this have to be coded in a specific programming language?

All I want is my logo on a blank panel.

Thanks in advance.

By far the easiest thing is to “go with the flow” and use C++. That said the amount of programming required could be very, very small.

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Don’t suppose anyone has a template they would share, as I know nothing about C++ :frowning:

You could also use the “Custom Blank” module of Computerscare. You can load your own jpg/gif/png etc in it. It is also resizable and no code needed.



Thanks, I already have that but would like to learn to actually make my own.

However, if I need to learn the entire C++ programming language just to create a blank panel, then it’s obviously not a viable option. :frowning:


There used to be a template in the SDK, but for reasons I can’t comprehend it was removed. But “” will generate you a template. Also, of course the computerscare one is probably open source…

1 Like - is that a python file located somewhere in Cardinal? I have looked in the resources folder but cannot find it anywhere?

I’m on macOS (M1).

Thank you!

I think you need to make a plugin to accomplish this. Thankfully, it is pretty easy.

First, make an svg of the panel as you’d like to see it. Then run the script as mentioned above.

Here are some pages that explain everything you need to do:

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This community is mostly VCV ppl, not so much cardinal.

I made a template for a complete minimal VCV Rack plugin with only a blank panel: Paul-Dempsey/GenericBlank (

No C++ programming is required. You DO need to be able to follow the Rack manual to set up the build environment, edit the plugin manifest (json), edit the panel svg, and build the plugin. The only modification to a C++ source file is to update the name of the module slug if you change it in the plugin.json (which is not necessary to change, as it merely needs to be unique in the plugin).


I added Discussions to this repo. If you end up using this template, please leave a note in Discussions with a pic of your Blank module or post it here!

I’d love to see if people find this kind of thing useful.