Crash on right-click with Squinky Labs modules on Windows (with workarounds and fix)

Same problem here, let’s hope we can find a solution soon!

I’m having the same problem. Deleting the Squinky labs plugin folder solves the problem. I’m on Windows

thanks. me 2.

I don’t like to post logs but it seems to be failing at the point in the process where it’s loading


seems to fail at different points.

I don’t yet know why the build in the plugin manager is not working. I did post my own windows build that seems ok. It’s here:

So, delete your squinkylabs-plug1 folder and you will stop crashing. Then you can either [temporarily] do without Squinky Labs plugins, or you can download the release, above.

Very sorry for the inconvenience.


Is the problem with loading an svg? That would explain why the module browser doesn’t load but, at least for me, it does load patches with Squinky modules in.

I can’t tell, but I suspect not. Not only does the module browser need to load all the SVG, but it needs to instantiate each module, render it, and take its picture. The first crash log looked like it was in deleting the module after taking its picture.

Windows here, too (Windows 10).

Removing the Squinky Labs folder also worked, for me.

I edited the title. Is this happening on Windows only?

Thanks to all the users posting here for their first time and helping to fix this. Welcome aboard!


As far as I know, windows only. Mac users report it’s ok. Haven’t heard anything either way from Linux users. Of course then often make their own builds.

Just a Monday morning (PST) update: I still don’t know why the build in the plugin library messed up. I have re-opened my library build ticket and hopefully we can find a proper fix soon. In the meantime the windows build posted on the SquinkyLabs GitHub page seems to fix the issue for everyone.

Thanks for the wrangling, @mixer.


no crashes on linux here :slight_smile:


Thanks for the fast fix, I thought it was me just being a newb. :slight_smile:

Will there be a new update fix for windows library or do we have to manually replace the squinky labs file?

There will be, but not yet.

Something odd just happened to me on OS X. Earlier today the plugin manager updated SquinkyLabs to 1.0.14. Then this evening it downgraded itself back to 1.0.12. I didn’t even know that was a thing it could do! I’ve lost Comp, which I was hoping to play with. I’ve never installed modules manually, maybe now’s a time to try? From this thread it seems the thing to do is delete the squinkylabs-plug1 folder and reinstall. Will give that a shot.

I suspect that one of the maintainers of the plugin library rolled back the release to the last stable one, which was 12. You might be able to get a kind Mac builder to make you one to did you over until this is fixed?

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