Count Modula Event Arranger

Can anyone explain (like I’m 5) how this module work? I’ve had a play around with it, read the text from the manual, and read the John Blacet article but I’m still no closer to understanding it.

When you reset the clock it starts counting in binary, from the bottom right, potentially up to 2 to the power of 15, which is 273 minutes at 120 BPM. You will want to focus on the bottom row whilst figuring it out ! :slight_smile:

How far it counts before it loops depends on the highest value non-null switch. To figure out what it is doing connect its gate outputs to a Submarine Logic Analyser.

Connect a fast clock - at least 256bpm, and a hihat to the trigger output and start playing with the bottom row of switches. Look and listen to the patterns.

Connect a VCO-1 square wave to the clock input and play with the switches at audio rate. You can venture into the upper row switches if you feed it a high frequency.

Get a pair of them, trigger and reset them together, connect a clock at 128bpm or thereabouts, and connect a kick to one of them and a snare to the other. Play with the switches on both. Look and listen at the patterns.

It’s hard to explain but better to watch and listen and then it starts to click.

The Logic Analyser is your friend :slight_smile: HTH.

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