Controlling Console's MASTER Level with a MIDI Controller

I am having using Console’s MASTER level CV inputs. No matter what voltage I pass to the CV inputs, I can’t seem to get my MIDI controller knob to reproduce the same range of levels that the MASTER knob itself produces.

I put a scope on the output of the MIDI knob and it is producing a range of 0-10 volts. If I turn the MASTER knob itself all the way down, and then pass the maximum voltage (10v) to the MASTER’s CV inputs, the overall level I can achieve is nowhere near the level the MASTER knob produces itself when all the way to the right.

What am I doing wrong?

The master knob is audio taper, and then the CV is added, like gain = audio\_taper(knob) + CV/10V. However, at knob positions greater than 12 o’clock, more than 1.0 gain is applied. The CV from 0-10V is only capable of adding up to 1.0 more gain, so at 10V with the knob hard-left, you’ll have the same effect as the knob at 12 o’clock with 0V CV.

So there’s no way to completely duplicate the functionality of the MASTER knob with an external MIDI controller?

Not until MIDI-Map and VCV Console are available in Rack v1.

OK, thanks.

how about using the clipper from BogAudio? You can run the signal from the midi module through the clipper, set the output gain all the way up, and now you’ll have a wider range than 10 volts… Can this work?