Controling Volume with Velocity (Pops&Clicks when changing a note)

Hello! This might be a newbie question but:

  1. I got “v/oct” controlling pich of my vco.
  2. I got “gate” controling my ADSR
  3. both are routed to the VCA MIX instance and then to the audio output
  4. I now want to additionally control the volume with my midi keyboard’s velocity. So I insert VCA in between [VCA MIX] and [AUDIO] output, hooking “vel” to its “CV” input. It now controls the volume, but I can hear clicks whenever I change the note.

*I tried tweaking the attack parament and others. *I’m sure I’m not overloading my pc.

Can anyone help me out? Maybe I’m routing something incorrectly

You can place a slew limiter or low pass filter between “Vel” and the VCA cv in. The clicks you are hearing is the voltage changing abruptly. This is a problem in hardware too.


Thank you