Contour ShuttleXpress HID semantics

I have a Contour ShuttleXpress HID that I’d like to interface as a hardware module. I’ve written some interfacing code and have been granted permission to use the device’s branding/styling on the panel. I would like some advice/opinions on the panel I/O semantics. Here are the device outputs:

  • A jog control that is spring-loaded to sit in the middle, but has 7 logical notches both counter-clockwise and clockwise.
  • A notched shuttle control that can be rotated in either direction, i.e. -1 or +1 deltas.
  • 5 momentary contact buttons.

My preference is to be minimalistic; if it’s possible to achieve some desired semantic with utility modules (e.g. toggle vs momentary), then better to do so than make excess assumptions. That said, it’s unclear to me what’s most useable/idiomatic in regards to the jog and shuttle controls. I’m pretty new to the modular scene.