Const API request

In porting to 1.0, I ran into these omissions in struct Widget:

template <class T>
	const T *getAncestorOfType() const;

template <class T>
	const T *getFirstDescendantOfType() const;

Is it possible to add these? If not, no big deal, I’ll work around by using const_cast

Where are you obtaining const Widgets? I don’t think the Rack API returns const Widget* anywhere.

I have custom widgets that access data in their parents, and the accessor functions are const because they don’t write anything. You’re right, I don’t get const Widget* from Rack directly anywhere.

I withdraw this request.
After thrashing with a design that attempted to find widgets with the parent/child tree, I settled on direct pointers which made my code much simpler, measurably faster, and more reliable.
Sorry for the noise.