Confused why modules on my hard drive are not being found

I see the folder called “Autofade - Drum Kit” in both the “plugins” and “plugins-v1” folders and yet I get this error message:

Could not find module “Drums - Closed Hats” of plugin "Autodafe - Drum Kit" Could not find module “Drums - Open Hats” of plugin "Autodafe - Drum Kit"

I went to the Autofade github site and it said to install the module in the “plugins” folder. I noticed that it was installed automatically in the “plugins-v1” folder so I copied it into the “plugin” folder but it still doesn’t find it.

Would love some help understanding why this happens. Its has happened on several occasions with other modules…

many thanks for your help and time!


Hi there, some plugins have changed there tag or slug name when they were ported to V1. Since empty spaces in names were not allowed anymore, or something like that.

You need to manually edit the patch file with a notepad editor, and change the names.

You can find the new names, by creating a temporary patch, that has the new version modules of the ones that are being reported as missing. And then copy the names accordingly.

For example: “Drums - Closed Hats” of “Autodafe - Drum Kit

is now: “DrumsHiHatClosed” of “Autodafe-DrumKit”

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Thank you for the clue. The folder name is already “Autodafe-DrumKit” and the module name is already "DrumsHiHatClosed” and the name within the .svg file is also “DrumsHiHatClosed”. Makes me wonder if the patch I loaded had used an earlier version of the Autofade drums that was named differently…?

Are the modules available for an empty patch in the module browser? If not you most probably downloaded a version for Rack v0.6 which is not compatible with v1.

Also, the folder „plugins“ is not used for Rack v1, all plugins must be in „plugins-v1“.

Edit: I just checked the Autodafe GitHub repository and I can only find binaries for v0.5?

It will say something like ‘this patch was created in Vx.x.x, using V1.x.x of …’ in the log file that is located in Documents/Rack folder.

If you could copy the log.txt file contents to and post the link that would be helpful in determining what’s happening.

Thank you Ben,

If I do a new patch, there are no errors. Thanks for the info, I didn’t realize all the patches went in the v1 folder but it makes sense!

Hmmm. then maybe those particular modules are used in the patch I’m loading. That must be what it is. Cause if I load any newer patches, all the modules seem good unless I haven’t purchased them yet.

Thanks. I will do this later if I see any more issues. I’ll have to sign up for that pastebin site it seems.

much appreciated…

Old link about this same problem :

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I understand there are no errors on a new patch, but do you have the modules from Autodafe in your module browser and can you use them?

I remember this :

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Hi , i am not talking about the folders/modules/svg’s files etc.

i am talking about the patch file itself, you need to edit the old names inside the patch.vcv file itself to use the new names. This usually happens when you open an old (0.6.x.x) patch in V1.

No sign-up needed!

Thank you Latif! I see now! :slight_smile:

You are welcome, hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks Phil, I must’ve misunderstood. If I continue to have issues after I edit the patches, I’ll post back. Appreciate your help.

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