Computerscare Modules in v2

It’s running! I’m not going to make a build until the next stable release comes out, as I still have more stuff to fix. But the code is available on github in the v2.0.0 branch if anyone wants to give it a whirl on their own: GitHub - freddyz/computerscare-vcv-modules at v2.0.0


Excellent! Thank you! Very cool Jack-o-lantern face too. :jack_o_lantern:

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Linux, Mac, and Windows v2 builds of Computerscare Modules available on github: Release Computerscare Modules v2.0.0alpha · freddyz/computerscare-vcv-modules · GitHub

Built against Rack 2.git.219bbaf1


New computerscare modules builds available on github:

Built for the latest (as of Nov 16 2021) Rack v2 build: 2.git.588342d7


New Mac, Windows, Linux builds available for Rack 2.beta.1 on github:

If anyone would be able to spend some time using the modules it would be much appreciated! Any bugs can be reported here or on github.


I’ll try them asap.

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I couldn’t find any issue yet, here on Win10.


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Thanks for taking a look, I appreciate you!

No issues here. I hadn’t really used them before But they seem to work fine. Unique aesthetic for a plugin too.

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Super, thanks for trying them out!

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