Computerscare modules: Differential Quantuverter

I Love Cookies (cv/signal sequencer) and Oh Peas!

I’m working on some new modules. I plan to release them to the plugin manager within the next few weeks. The code is available on github if you’d like to build and run yourself.

I Love Cookies is a 6-channel CV/signal sequencer. You program a sequence by entering text. Lowercase letters a thru z are used for the knobs (constant CV), while uppercase letters A thru Z are for the 26 input jacks.

Oh Peas! Differential Quantuverter is a 4-channel CV-controlled attenuverter/offsetter/quantizer. The top “block” of input, small knob, and big knob for each channel is the attenuverter. The bottom “block” is the offsetter. The scale used for quantization of the attenuverter/offset signal is entered in the text field. Entering “2212221” will quantize the attenuverted/offset signal to the major scale. Each number in the input is used as a distance between notes. “3333” will quantize to a diminished chord (4 minor thirds).

Preview Video: Preview Video - Computerscare Modules I Love Cookies and Oh Peas


Looks interesting, so looking forward for the Plugin Manager release :drooling_face:
Thanks a lot for your hard work developing free plugins for the community :clap:

Your sequencers are genius! Cheers!

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Thanks, I’m glad you find them useful!

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They are a lot of fun, thats a few notches above ‘useful’ (:

btw: Is there any chance you’re gonna implement the curly bracket operator {} in Ilovecookies syntax to Laundrysoup? (;

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I’ve considered doing that but there is a technical challenge that would require some major changes to the code of Laundry Soup:

Currently, once you finish typing a sequence into Laundry Soup, it knows exactly the length of the sequence. For example, typing 134 has a length of 1+3+4 = 8 steps. If the curly bracket operator {} is allowed and works the same as how it does in I Love Cookies, typing {12} would mean that the total sequence length could potentially change every clock step. This could have some fun uses in a patch, but it would complicate how Laundry Soup works behind the scenes.

The sequence 1? would be somewhat close to a hypothetical {12}, but it would regularly have “gaps” of more than 2 steps which would not happen with {12}. I feel like there is some way to do it using a combination of Laundry Soup patched into I Love Cookies, but I can’t come up with anything at this time.


Thanks for the reply! Oh, so it’s a bitch to implement? Can’t fault you for not doing it. Both modules provide a lot of functionality as is so no worries. (: