Community badges for VCV Rack

I was losing my time in facebook and I Find this

My first impression was "Nice ,curated patches from the VCV " then I realize is not, I was looking in the manual and there is not any guidelines about the use of the VCV rack logo ( I think that In the GitHub only ) however , will be super difficult hunt all the people who use the logo, also , some of them bring benefits for the software

What do you think about community badges for the VCV rack?

It will help to keep clear (and separated) the VCV rack Image, and the community who proudly like show them VCV rack stuff without infringe the license

I was thinking lately of including the Vcv logo in my video thumbnails, something like " Ambient patch for VCV rack" or “Let’s make a generative beat to study to in VCV”, but i would never use the logo as my profile picture like that… seems a bit misleading indeed… kinda implies the patches are endorsed by VCV, which is i’m pretty sure, not the case.

Not sure about the community badges…Blender is being used for commercial projects in a way Rack is not and may never be, in short.

The use of logo is merely an intellectual property issue and I d expect @vortico will handle it as that by enforcing his rights.

The FB example looks to me like an attempt at exploiting Rack’s visibility.

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…and that is the Idea, synergy

Please nevermind, I was thinking something about Blender and probably going offtopic. I worded that badly and it sounded like I’m opposing your idea. I’m not :slight_smile:

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I guess they mean that Blender is getting a lot of industry backing whereas VCV is not?

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