Colors in scopes?

To all developers of scopes: In Rack 0.6.x there was a version of the Fundamental Scope from Pulsum Quadratum called Color Scope Here the color of the drawing followed the color of the input cable (see picture). I found this very useful for a better overlook. I know that in the JW and wiquid versions you can change the color of the 2nd graph, but with more scopes, the 1st has always the same color. Would it be possible to implement this in the actual scopes? That would be absolutely great for my videos “What does this knob do?” :metal::sunglasses:



It would really be convenient.

But the features request have to do on github.

Check out TrowaSoft MultiScope. It has 3 channels with colors that can be set by knob or CV.

You are absolutely right, now that we have it in V1. Totally forgot about this, thanks. :metal::sunglasses:

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This is not a feature request for a explicit module, but a generell question to devs. So I think it is the right place to ask. I am very familiar with all things concerning VCV.

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I’ll look into this and see if it is still possible to do this in v1.


I think it should still be possible to colour the scope to a cables colour.

Hit a road bump migrating to v1 will take a look again tomorrow.

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Having ported the wire manager, I can confirm that its definitely possible.

I’ll try to add this as an option to my scopes.


@the1andonlydrno What OS are you on?

With the help @carbon14 migrated to v1.

I’ll make it pretty and see if the original dev wants to add it to the PM.

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I am mostly on Linux, but I can also compile self, thanks a lot

As is there is probably a couple of bugs. Iv’e not had the chance to fix, scale of waveform is one.

If you noticed any yourself PM me with details.
Iv’e not tested the repo version so if it fails to compile let me know.

compiling is no problem, it is listed in the plugin browser under GenericScope but there is no module

yep there is no module in the plugin browser


It is listed as generic scope but there is no image?

I’m on it!

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Updated the repo let me know if fixed!

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working fine, thanks a lot

Unfortunately font doesn’t appear on windows

There is no panel font on it yet. Still designing the panel!