Coirt - v0.6.6

(Stephan) #41

yes, it is inspired by this:

see here:


I keep seeing posts about old southpole modules that I’d overlooked when I started using VCVrack because I didn’t understand what they were or how they worked. It’s good to come back to them and try o get the hang of them.

(Phil Golden) #43

Suppose it is subjective but a parametric EQ to me boosts and cuts not just boosts, while boosts or cuts is open to interpretation, being mutually inclusive of both would be what I see parametric as. Shelves does do ±gain inclusively as does one band (when chained).

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(Phil Golden) #44

v0.6.6 now on the plugin manager.

One Band frequency parameter logarithmically scaled to give more control on frequencies most used. Mod input will still be linear scaled.


Parametric boosts and cuts to me too. I did mention this in the group actually quite a while back about the 2 parametric sections of Etagere not having negative gain, nobody seemed bothered. As a side-point, I can only presume that the hardware version does have this feature? from the manual “bands #2 and #3 have full-blown parametric controls”