Coirt - v0.6.4

(Andrew Belt) #21

Just updated it to refresh every 15 minutes.

(Phil Golden) #22

Not too shabby so!

(Phil Golden) #23

Just to update on last weeks gif. I’ve been busy with the BPM value on the LFO and a new module, I may just release a duplicate module of trim with the BPM value instead of the Hz value as I came across some issue when changing the display text on the fly. It may be temporary as I have been thinking about doing a clocked LFO also.

I have not finished tweaking/testing the other module but here is what it might look like.

It is not yet ready but hopefully by next you will see it in your rack. It is a peak EQ. The final designs may change and I’m still not sure if I want to include mod inputs on 1Band as they can be quite unstable for frequency. The plan is for it to be on your master chain as a utility EQ.

(Phil Golden) #24

Just a test build for 1 band and experimentations :smile:

(Phil Golden) #25

Iv’e decided to include the mod inputs on 1 Band. Far too useful, though there’s a small price to pay. Frequency centre is limited to about 220Hz - 20kHz on the modulation anything below that will start processing the mod source along with audio and cause mayhem, it will still process low end and sub it just won’t respond to modulation below 220Hz. Until I figure out how to not process the mod source coming in this is the best solution.

Musically speaking I think it can sound pretty good. The videos posted earlier are using the inverted signal to listen to how the parameter values will sound and you can get some nice effects from it also when it is feeding itself. Almost there! Just a couple more design tweaks.

(Stephan) #26


(Phil Golden) #27

Iv’e submitted v0.6.4 update, so you should see 1 Band in you rack soon, however I had to disable the mod for frequency as the bug I thought I fixed came back at the last minute. :fist:

(Browneditor) #28

Will there be a stereo input for the Eq. module?

(Browneditor) #29

Cool Breeze

(Phil Golden) #30

It is dual mono.

(Browneditor) #31

Cool breeze