Clicked control element gets locked to the highest possible value

Hi there,

whenever I click on a control element of any module (knob, slider, etc.), the control “snaps” to the highest possible value and seems to be locked there. Once this happens I can’t move it anylonger. Just like automation was active, which isn’t the case.

I’m using VCVRack Pro 2.3.0 (VST3) in Nuendo 12 on Windows 11.

Another problem, which is of a more cosmetic nature, seems to be that the window-size is not remembered. Once I close the edit window and re-open it, it will open “all across the place”, which is simply annoying. (Triple Display Setup)

EDIT: since this doesn’t seem to be a bug, I changed the title accordingly.

Try switching off “View / Lock cursor while dragging”.

Thanks, Richie! That seems to have worked. :grinning: