Click-free Looping

Just posting this here for anyone not on the Facebook group. I had this saved as a Strip file in the old version of Rack, now we can use collections instead which is great. I quite often paste a few copies of this into a patch so I can have multiple channels of looping, and build up a kind of soundscape. Another of my favourite tricks is to run the looping section after all the effects, so I’m looping bits of granular delay and reverb etc. That would usually click really badly, but this sorts it out! (Link to patch in the video).

Hope this is useful to someone!


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Hi! Check out Fade from Count Modula. It has everything built-in so there’s no need for any additional modules I guess. You can set the fade time, and you have the trigger output for triggering the record at fade in, and after fade out. It has no CV input though, unfortunately…

Cheers Omri, that’s a cool module! I’ll definitely use that for screen recording, but it doesn’t have trigger inputs so I don’t think I can use it for this scenario. I quite like to loop stuff automatically from a random trigger sometimes, so that’s kind of essential for me :wink:

Yes, totally, I also do this a lot with Simpliciter. I wrote the developer of Count Modula so maybe there’s a chance a CV input will be added. It will be the perfect solution.

Ooh yeah, that would be amazing! It’s not an elegant solution having all that patching but it kind of works. An even better idea would be to develop a looper with an adjustable fade time built in. If we get the Prototype module back, I could possibly knock together a Pure Data patch to do this, I think you’d just use the line object to fade the volume before it captures the buffer. Still learning that stuff (extremely slowly!).

Thanks for the video, for looping, did you try Lilac looper? The dev somehow achieved non-clicking inside the looper without any tricks.

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Yeah I tried Lilac looper, but can’t remember why I didn’t use it! Might have another look, maybe I couldn’t get it to trigger how I wanted.