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Hi everyone !

I’m a beginner (before meeting VCV Rack i was just having fun with my microbrute and other little synths) but I wanted to share some of my patches :slight_smile:

These two are made in Rack with some Kontakt in Host

This is me falling in love with Marbles


(Lars Bjerregaard) #2

Really nice, well done!

(Linksjyy) #3

Thank you LarsBjerregaard !

So I tried, at least one time in my life aha, to make something that can be danced, so here is a kind of techno with some double bass and the new chronoblob
(It saturates a little, i don’t really know why, maybe to much bass frequence)

And some ambient

In these two tracks i wanted to add so much more, but my computer was dying, i think i will rework them later… :slight_smile:

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This one was really fun to make !

I think the patch is more complex than usually in my stuff

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One thing i love (among many many others things) in VCV Rack is being able to sequence & modulate “classical instruments” in a modular environment
Here is a saxophone, a piano, some voices, a lead by joystick (I tried to play some violins with a gamepad but what i got was -for the moment- pretty awful aha)

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(Lars Bjerregaard) #7

Very nice, I quite like this, even though I’m not a big fan of the occasional disharmonies.

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(Linksjyy) #8

Thank you very much LarsBjerregaard ! Honestly, i don’t know where the desharmonies come from, maybe it was made in a day with some disharmonies here and there

I listened a lot of Caterina Barbieri recently (Thanks for the discovery to marc_boule and his patch !) and i realised that i missed the direct controls and the limitations of my little budget synths so i played with a beatstep to drive stuffs (I don’t really like it as a sequencer but it’s a lot of knobs & buttons for 40€) and tried to stay with a few voices

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