CLAP plugin format support

lol let’s hope so or Nick won’t give it his blessing.

I don’t want to mess around with beta versions so I’m eagerly awaiting Bitwig 4.3 full to drop so I can try CLAP versions of these u-he plugins out. I have hit stability issues before with Repro and CPU so hoping this improves things.

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The per note modulation feature is pretty cool!

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btw if anyone has been thinking about making the jump to Bitwig, there’s currently a full version for sale on Knobcloud for $185 with upgrades through to Feb 23. A pretty good deal.

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It is. And it would be lovely in a Modular polyphonic format that could expose plugins too.

I’ve noticed an issue with the CLAP version of VCV2.0 Pro version 2.2: Seems to work fine, except, the plugin does NOT get MIDI clock . I opened the VST3 Plugin for comparison and found that This DOES get MIDI clock. Is that an issue with CLAP? or Bitwig? I’m using Bitwig 4.4

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I’m using 4.4.3 on Win 11 and not seeing the VCV Pro CLAP plugin at all. Are you using a beta?

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Same here, Windows 10, from both 4.4.3 (& 4.4.4 Early Access), VCV Rack 2 (v2.2.0) CLAP plugin isn’t in list (perhaps it’s discarded by Bitwig, in case of plugin failure).

From REAPER 6.71, the CLAP crashes with an error message, then will be discarded. I’ve sent a screen capture in another topic (here, bottom).

I reported this issue and was told that it’s fixed for the next version. Additionally, VST3 MIDI Out was broken and is fixed for the next version.


Yes, I am using Beta version 4.4.3 … It does appear … and have 4… count 'em FOUR VCV the browser… . and didn’t pay enough attention when I clicked on the first one (which happened to be the CLAP version of VCV2.). I later discovered that if I chose the VST3 version… everything worked - including MIDI in clock. Somone finally let me know the CLAP version is buggy.

Umm… I think whether or not they show is determined in the “plugins” section of Bitwig Settings:

I couldn’t find anything about this on google search… hence my confusion. I like the CLAP format… I have great hope for its future… (i.e. not being dictated by Steinberg and some of the promised performance benefits)… though I can see that it’s not quite ready for prime time. :slight_smile:

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VCV modules are never going to perform well in any plugin wrapper unless they have decent performance to start out. Some do, some don’t.

I like CLAP format too, but :

I downloaded the latest version last night, and the first thing I did was see if the clock worked in CLAP. It doesn’t. I’m looking through this forum specifically for this reason, to see what I can learn before I report anything.

2.2.0 or 2.2.1 preview?


Have issue (CLAP) if I use MIDI-CV module as clock generator (either CLK/N output port, and CLK port). Only once clock pulse when I start DAW’s transport!

Short YT video showing the issue in REAPER.

By using third party clock module, no issue.

(Email sent to VCV support).


  • Windows 10 Pro x64 (22H2) (French-localized).
  • Bitwig Studio 4.4.6, REAPER v6.71.
  • VCV Rack 2 Pro v2.2.1 “preview” (VSTi 2.4, CLAP, standalone, no VST3).

VCV just put up the changlog for their next Rack release and it adds

  • Fix MIDI clock input in CLAP adapter.
  • Make CLAP adapter a Note Effect and Audio Effect as well as an Instrument.
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The new CLAP in Bitwig (MacOS) is really laggy and slow for me. Anyone else finding this.

I’m about to give up on Pro CLAP and VST3 in Bitwig.

Thanks, but actual version remains v2.2.2. Waiting, patience. :ok_hand:

You could just download it here :


Thanks Peter :wink:

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It seems there is still an issue in Bitwig : no midi output using the VCV gate-midi module. Have someone experienced this ?