Chortling Hamster Modules: v1.1.2 released

If anyone actually uses it, you may be pleased to know that I’ve updated Pop (the smallest sample and hold module going with a chortling hamster on the front panel) to work with Rack v1.

Repo and read me here:

v1.0.0 releases for Mac, Linux and Windows here:



Builds right up on Windows!

This is actually a really useful thing to have. It goes great with the @Squinky.Labs LFN module for a compact way to get stepped random values.

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Version 1.1.0 is now in the VCV Library.

This release includes the new module Bitwise, which is four sample and hold circuits whose triggers can be affected by a “pattern filter”.

Documentation for Bitwise is on GitHub. I’ll do some video tutorials when I get some time later this week.

Thank you to all the beta testers who helped me with the release, and to @vortico for making such a great SDK and answering my C++ noob questions.



Just put together a patch with it over on my stream:
It’s pretty good but i would like to be able to make my own patterns.

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Thanks. I’ll be starting work on an expansion module for Bitwise soon which will enable you to create, load and save banks of your own patterns.

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I’ve released v1.1.1.

  1. Updates incorrect tags for Bitwise in JSON manifest. So it should show up in the Sample and Hold tags in the module browser now. Oops.
  2. Adds “calculator style” segment displays to Bitwise front panel to show the values of the row and pattern parameters (see below), and moves around the CV knobs.
  3. Removes the “0 1” global attenuator label from Bitwise front panel. It was annoying me. :slight_smile:

I’ve put in the request to add the new version to the VCV Library, so hopefully it should be in there soon. If you are chomping at the bit you can download binaries for Linux, macOS and Windows from the GitHub.

Edit: Whoops. I forgot to thank @marc_boule. I looked at the code for Clocked to help me figure out how to do the segment display. Thanks, Marc!



Glad the code could be of help! :slight_smile: :+1:



I’ve released version 1.1.2. Only a little update to how Bitwise displays its numbers and the pattern LEDs. No changes in how the modules work behind the scenes.

You can get it on GitHub or wait a few days and it should hopefully appear in the library.

Apologies for radio silence lately. Stuff and things getting in the way. :slight_smile: Belated happy of the newing years and all that.