Chord oszillator, polyphony?

Sorry for a beginner question: Can I get this result with only 1 oszillator? Using the orange poly-output of ChordCV?

Not with that oscillator. There is a polyphonic version available, but it isn’t in the library. You can get Windows or Mac versions from Xenakios’ Github.

Thank you, but unfortunately it does not do what I want, namely generate a chord for all 3 or 4 channels of the ChordCV output. It seems that only the first channel is evaluated. The “old” macro on the left gives the same result.

Install these :

And try again :smiley:


What is wrong with me? I dont hear any chord. Is this not possible in VCV with some oscillator?

ChordCV1_test.vcv (27.2 KB)

You are using the wrong mixer this one does not collapse the poly, you have to do a sum :

ChordCV1_test with sum.vcv (27.8 KB)

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Oh, I thought there was a mixed audio signal coming out. Thank you.

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