Chiptuner: 1.0 - New Release!

Hello Rackheadz! Thanks to the precious help of @carbon14 I am happy to say that the updated Chiptuner (not so) blank plates are out and available on my GitHub, ready to be slapped on VCV 1.x!

Yeah, I still have to learn how to change the name of the repo (if it is even possible) but the essential fact is that I have tamed the MSYS2 monster ( :laughing: ) and brought back the awesomeness of 8 bit art to VCV!

I’m waiting to see if they will be accepted in the official library, in the meanwhile, feel free to download/compile from GitHub!

You are welcome! :grin:


Renaming the repo is easy enough. But you’ll have to update the information for the library and the plugin.json, so probably best to wait a bit.

Chiptuner is now available in the official repository!



Someone need to animate them based on CV input


And that is my next upgrade!!! :smiley: Months ago I asked Jeremy Wentworth if I could use his WaveHead plugin to understand how animations work and he allowed me to, eventually, grab some chunks of codes to adapt them to animate sprites inside my panels.

OF COURSE: if someone feels eager to do it before me, it is welcome. My plugins are 100% free and opensource. Just give me credits if you intend to use them.

But yeah, next step is to animate some of them! :smiley: