Charred Desert Tsunami (wave multiplier)

Now available, Tsunami.

Tsunami is a wave multiplier, that offers 8 individual shifted outputs, 8 cascading mixed outputs, a fully mixed output, and a polyphonic output of all 8 outputs.

you can use this to add complexity to a waveform by shifting the waveform up to 8 times turning a fairly boring oscillator output into something complex and fun.

manual available here:


And here’s a video telling you all about how to use Tsunami, along with some crazy examples:


Thanks for that ! Plugging an 8LFO module into Tsunami is another kind of fun, along with dynamic level control on selected channels. :slight_smile:

I kind of figured I should expand a little bit on exactly why I think tsunami is such a fun module!

I also had a couple of “aha!” moments with “so that’s how that sound is made” with all of that chaos going on.

Instead of doing important yard work…which I have to get done.

Dramatic-Marbles-Tsunami.vcv (31.3 KB)