Chaircrusher Music Thread

It sounds mysterious to me. I used a random gate to distribute clocks to 2 Nysthi Dual 5 step sequencers to get a kind of random/not-random feel.

This just an effect that processes a more conventional melodic voice through ring mod and tremolo. But I muted everything except the effect. I just like the oddball tonality that ring mod gives you.

Do you like ring-mod’s cousin “frequency shifter”?

interesting question. Is there a frequency shifter module?

For a long time there was only one, my “booty shifter”. But Surge came out with one that is super good, better specs than mine.

Sure I like Frequency shifter too. Ring mod has that sum & difference frequency thing though which gets crazy when it’s fed complex timbres. This one actually has two sequenced sounds and the result is their interaction which only happens when mod and carrier both have non zero amplitude.

This is the first thing I tried in V2, for some reason. Alvin Lucier died today. So it’s in his honor.

2021-12-01.vcv (5.7 KB)

Lucier was a pioneer in the artistic use of generation loss. His famous piece is a recording of Lucier reciting a short description of what he was doing. He played back this recording and recorded the sound in the room, over and over again. Producing a recording of a recording of a recording etc …

So this is a piece I did with a simple kick loop playing in Nysthi Confusing Simpler, into a VCV Soundstage - to be the ‘room’ - and then I record the soundstage output to a second Confusing Simpler, which feeds back into the Sound Stage. It was performed by tweaking Sound Stage.


This one I took liberal advantage of copy/past multiple voices in Rack2.

There’s 3 voice that are really subtle FM, where the modulation index is very low. It adds just enough edge to the pure sinewaves to give it that subtle extra texture.

The other sound is distorition, tremelo and filtering in the feedback loop of a delay. Which sounds to me a bit like Cicadas in the summer here in Iowa. Other times it’s that Fennesz style grinding noise sound.

Using XOR-ed clock dividers means the pattern is varying constantly in rhythm multiplied over three voices means there’s no such thing as bar divisions; You might think you can hear the downbeat but it goes away and shifts.

2021-12-13.vcv (16.8 KB)


so are you sitting in a room, or aren’t you???


New mix of the last patch. I’m rather happy with the gestalt sound design of it.

I do love changing patterns and quantizer scales using 8Face Mk2.

Also my first use of the new Hainbach/Audiothing Gong Amp


Cool. I’m glad you posted one with and one without the Gong Amp. I’m thinking about getting that myself. Is the major difference between the two the Gong Amp? or are there other significant changes?

Yes, the 8Face is powerful, though I tend to use Transit instead. The morph feature allows me to switch between a wide variety of settings without an audio pop - probably not an issue with pattern or quantizer changes. The only downside is Transit cannot control menu or preset items - only parameters accessible from the faceplate. But it is rare that I need to control context menu items, so I generally use Transit - I love it.

To my ear the Gong Amplifier adds a certain ringing that complements the VCV Sound Stage. It isn’t as notable as it might be in a sparser mix.

I really spend more time on figuring out how to make patterns & scale changes go together in sequencing out the track. I have been more fascinated by the music theory applications of Rack than pur sound design. The main sounds are just really simple FM sounds.

I think Transit is brilliant for building voice presets and morphing through them. It would sound weird if you tried to morph between quantizer settings.

Thanks for the info.

Sure, if the morph is slow, then it would definitely sound weird, but you can set the transition time all the way to 0 to make it instantaneous, effectively the same result as 8FACE. I just tend to use TRANSIT as my go to module for switching between patch parameter settings, whether I need the morphing or not. I might use a very short transition time to eliminate pops, but it still sounds “instantaneous”

One other aspect of TRANSIT, you don’t have to control all parameters within a module. You get to pick and choose. (There is an option to automatically map all parameters within a module though). Sometimes I want to be able to preserve manual control over one parameter in a module, but automate the others. And I want the current manual setting to be preserved as I change presets. That can’t be done with 8FACE.

Sounds like you are already familiar with TRANSIT, so I may be preaching to the choir. I just wanted to point out the possibility of using it as a substitute for 8FACE, with some added benefits, and one potential drawback. I consistently enjoy the patches you produce. Either way, whether using 8FACE or TRANSIT, I am with you. I can’t imagine patching automation without them.

Happy Dec. 14

Thanks for the link to the Hainbach/Audiothing Gong Amp Vst, was hoping this might see the light of day. So this should work in Host Fx module. Hallelujah!!

It already was working in Host-Fx :laughing:

Here’s another – the only reverb sound is the Audiothing/Hainbach Gong Amp.

Of course I put it on an effect send with a bandpass filter in front of it and Squinky Labs Chopper after it, but it may be a better demo than my last example.

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The Onde Musicale from Spitfire Audio Labs has a Metallique preset that sounds close btw…

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Will check it out. I think Gong Amp & The Onde Musicale are both related to the Ondine Martenot, and the technology Martenot invented. I hope someone does some Raymond Scott effects too.

So let’s try and be as edgeless and vague as possible.

The Gong Amp is a real star on this one. The soft chuff sounds are from FM modulation and they seem to tickle the gong and get interesting resonances out of it.

I think 16 oscillators is a good start am I right?

2021-12-16.vcv (12.7 KB)