CF Play: Rack crashes when I connect a trigger?

Hello dear people, I’ve had Rack crash twice today as soon as I plugged a trigger into the small CF Play sampler, before I could even load a sample. The first time the trigger was coming from a chain of burst generators from Count Modula, second time coming from the LedSeq from CF. When I reopen Rack everything is still there and works without problems, only thing I luckily noticed in time was that my project had the name of a different patch but that probably has to do with the autosave function. Has anyone experienced this problem too? Is it possible to report this to the creator of the plugin? If necessary I can upload the patches but I highly doubt they are the problem, mainly because I see a lot of people are experiencing crashes at the moment, all of them different reasons. Thanks in advance, Deev

I’d recommend reporting the issue on the plugin’s github page:

Okay I will see to it that I register there too…

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In the meantime I noticed a problem with another CF module, this time the CF Label crashes Rack as soon as I want to do anything with it. Below is a screen capture:

I hope these problems can be fixed because I really like their modules.

Yep we/he know(s) :

But I don’t think he comes around that much.

Read his reaction.