Caudal: it's a matter of SPEED

(Andrea A.G. Grossi) #1

Hello Rackheadz!
I have been playing with the amazing Caudal for a while… It’s glorious!

There’s only one thing that I really really miss: a speed control for every “segment”.

I know it might make little sense, considering the origin of this plugin but, considering the use of it, maybe it could make sense?

An idea could be something we can call “FRICTION” to alter the speed of single segments but again I really think that a single speed control is… Uhm…

UNLESS, of course, I am missing something that I haven’t noticed. It happened in the past that I’ve missed a function of some plugins so it could well be.

Any opinions?

(Patman / NYSTHI Manual) #2

Inb4 @modlfo announces Caudal 2: Motors and Shizz :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

(Andrea A.G. Grossi) #3

Tee hee!! @modlfo, a good name could be: CAUDAL 4 ENGINES! :rofl::rofl:
But seriously… The more I use Caudal, the more I crave for separated speed controls! Damn, am I the only one???

(Jim Frye) #4

In my last couple patches I used three instances of Caudal. One at default, one at 11:00 and one at 10:00 for all of the required CV and triggers for the patch. Many times I’ve used one at default and one at 10:00 for what I needed. The top 4 outputs are all I use per module. No reason to have different speeds on one module, just use another module.

(Soothsayers) #5

you are not alone! I would also like a Clock input. Although this can be done with a S+H perhaps