Cardinal - DPF-based Rack wrapper (VST, LV2, JACK)

Cardinal is software project that integrates Rack with DPF to provide VST/LV2 plugins and a JACK app. It comes with a set of compiled-in rather than downloaded modules, and the LV2/JACK builds allow use of those systems native software CV ports.

There’s a few rough edges still being worked out, but things are mostly working. Because various Rack assets currently have a Non Commercial licence, no Linux distribution can provide a binary package for it, though that has already been the case for Rack itself. Arch and Arch-derived distro users can check the AUR.

For chat there is an IRC channel on libera that is also accessible via Matrix.


Someone suggested adding a screenshot;


A more standard style screenshot from the latest KXStudio monthly report;


It’s great that this exists and I really like what falktx has done with it. As a VCV Pro user I don’t really have a lot of use for it but it has some great features and I love the MI dark skins!

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That screenshot is from a user. I asked falktx for an actually not lossy PNG;

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Even sharper now;

Edit; replace upload (that gets compressed) with direct link

thanks for posting about this! it helped during my heavy research with cardinal to determine if its usable in a classroom/teaching context. i can say even the current cardinal beta is really quite stable. and quite affordable considering most of my students have no money ;]

A few more screenshots;

That last one a few weeks old, is sans NC and ND assets.

Newer is this doc; Cardinal/ at main · DISTRHO/Cardinal · GitHub

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