CAO Plugs now has another module.

Originally, this had just the Dual CV Shift, but now there is a simple utility for adding a voltage to several others independently.

The use I had for AddAll was in trying to create a patch similar to the Lyle Mays Oberheim patch from “It’s for You” (AFWSFWF) and a few other Pat Metheny songs. There are several voices, and each oscillator is unison, but each is inflected at the start with envelop subtly different from the others, and so I wanted a simple way of imposing different envelopes on a single V/Oct.

Example of AddAll patching:

As before, you may find the source at:


I’ve added one more useless utility err… V/Oct shifter (Dual Var Shift) which allows you to make a pitch dependent shift at for a different base than double per octave. There is is only the V/Oct input for a CV, but the two knobs determine the base and power. I.e. f = (+ (* 440.0 (expt 2 v)) (* k1 (expt (abs k2) (if (< k2 0) (- v) v)))) assuming v is 3/4 less than the input V/Oct.

Please forgive the Lispish formula. I’m not sure how best to write math here.