CAO Plugs now has another module.

Originally, this had just the Dual CV Shift, but now there is a simple utility for adding a voltage to several others independently.

The use I had for AddAll was in trying to create a patch similar to the Lyle Mays Oberheim patch from “It’s for You” (AFWSFWF) and a few other Pat Metheny songs. There are several voices, and each oscillator is unison, but each is inflected at the start with envelop subtly different from the others, and so I wanted a simple way of imposing different envelopes on a single V/Oct.

Example of AddAll patching:

As before, you may find the source at:


I’ve added one more useless utility err… V/Oct shifter (Dual Var Shift) which allows you to make a pitch dependent shift at for a different base than double per octave. There is is only the V/Oct input for a CV, but the two knobs determine the base and power. I.e. f = (+ (* 440.0 (expt 2 v)) (* k1 (expt (abs k2) (if (< k2 0) (- v) v)))) assuming v is 3/4 less than the input V/Oct.

Please forgive the Lispish formula. I’m not sure how best to write math here.

I just added a simple asymmetric pitchbend scaler to CAO Plugs. Upper and lower bend from none up to two octaves measures in semitones, and these are floats, so intermediate value are allowed.

E.g. Setting a bend range of -12.1 to 2.1 makes the bend range slightly flat of an octave down and slightly sharp of a whole tone up. Be well!