Can't sync Sonus Dept. Foursome Loopers

Hi everyone! First time posting here. I was hoping someone could help me figure out how to sync multiple Sonus Foursome modules. I’m trying to use the Sync Out and Sync In ports, and I can see that there’s some kind of end-of-cycle pulse going through this connection. But the tracks on the secondary foursome module are not synced with the master on the first one, which is what I’d expect.

I was hoping to be able to have 8 tracks, and one of them would function as the master, but the sync isn’t providing this feature.

The closest I’ve been able to get is to send the Sync Out from the primary module to the rec/play plug on the secondary module’s master track. This seems to get me a secondary master track that stays in sync with the first one, but it’s not a solution because the rec/play button is just toggled between record and play mode every time the master track finishes its cycle.

I might be able to add a trigger buffer to this so that the Sync Out pulses are only sent through if I arm the trigger buffer. But I was really hoping the module would handle sync stuff, since the port is labeled “Sync” and since it’s a paid module.

you can contact the devs directly via email and ask them